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Our restaurant type is the best combination of many worlds. We create the unique experience with our dishes that leave a special impression. Once you try our food, you will always come back. What is so special about us? We are able to deliver the best pizza of your choice. You have a huge selection of different pizzas that simply melt in front of you. No matter which pizza you try, the taste is always exceptional. Margherita, Chicken Feast, Farmhouse pizza or Hawaiian. All of them are prepared with love and that is what they deliver. A true love for the good food. Except many different variations, we have few choices that we especially recommend. These are our signature dishes like Two Pizzas Offer where you get two pizzas that are your favorites, some amazing garlic bread and chips or potato wedges that will complete the enjoyment. Soft drink is also included, so you get a full meal. Other signature dishes are interesting as well. Super Delivery Deal or Full Works could be your next choice, depending on your preferences. With our menu, you will find everything you like at one place.

About Papa Pizza

If you decide to try our PapaPizza favorites, you will be more than surprised. The way we make our food is more than usual. We try to deliver only the maximum. This kind of approach is visible in each dish we create. Pizzas we make are simply the product of our great creativity. Each ingredient is there with a reason and each step in production is well defined. There is no room for mistakes. We make our pizzas with full attention to details and, moreover, we make them with a lot of confidence. It is based on our experience and our dedication to deliver only the best. Besides pizzas, you can find many other dishes inside PapaPizza restaurant. We make sandwiches, steaks and fish, among other stuff. There is something for everyone. No matter what kind of food you like, we are here to meet your expectations. 

Restaurant location Papa Pizza

We are located in the area of Pulborough where the most interesting things are coming together. It is a vibrant place where the restaurant like PapaPizza has a special importance. Find us in 3 Ferrymead Station Road,Pulborough RH20 1AH. If you want to order online, use our convenient apps on Google Play and App Store. There, you will discover the great selections from our menu. All of them are part of our apps, so, wherever you are, you are able to order. Find us in the city or use the app and order online. The choice is yours and the pleasure is ours. We will be more than happy to make your wish come true when it comes to enjoyment in the best food. PapaPizza is here to make you try the most tasteful food in the city. Do not miss the best place to eat your favorite food. It is the new place to love.

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